Unc Institute of Ageing

The Unc Institute of Ageing is set up to provide the ageing population with advice about their health, and the medical options available to them.

While the NHS is an invaluable resource for medical care in the UK, many will find it beneficial to get private medical insurance, for even greater health care.

Private Health Costs

While the NHS is funded by tax-payers, private health insurance is paid for by its individual users.

Costs vary based on the level of cover you require, your age and the current state of your health at the time of purchase. Generally, healthcare cover will be lower in cost the younger you are. As you age, and become more prone to illness, premiums may rise though likely not to the levels you can expect to rise if you take out medical cover later in life or with an existing ailment.

private medical insurance can give you peace of mind

let private medical insurance give you peace of mind

Illness in Later Life

As we get older, our bodies and immune systems get weaker. Healing is slowed due to fewer immune cells, and the ability to detect and correct cell defects declines, increasing your risk of disease such as cancer.

This is why it’s important to take life easier as we grow older. We aren’t 21 forever, and shouldn’t try to act as if we are, at least physically.

How Private Medical Insurance can help

By taking out private medical insurance, there a number of benefits should you fall ill later in life.

Waiting lists for treatment are much, much shorter than on the NHS, which has an average waiting time of more than 8 weeks.

Many private medical centres are often much more comfortable than NHS hospitals, with state-of-the-art equipment and private rooms.

Under private healthcare cover, there are usually exclusive drugs that aren’t available on the NHS that can help with ailments that you may receive as you get older.