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Alice S. Ammerman, DrPH, RD

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Brief Bio

Dr. Ammermanís research interests involve design and testing of innovative clinical and community-based nutrition and physical activity intervention approaches for chronic disease risk reduction in low income and minority populations. Much of her work involves community-based participatory research (CBPR). She collaborates on several research projects involving preschool and school environments and policies for obesity prevention. Most recently she had been funded by NICHD to conduct a 5 year randomized trial of pediatric obesity management in primary care clinics serving Medicaid families. Dr. Ammerman is PI of the Center for Excellence for Training and Translation which identifies evidence-based CVD and obesity prevention interventions for translation to community settings and assists with training and dissemination. She also collaborates with RTI on a Center of Excellence for Health Promotion Economics. Developing research areas of interest include economic development strategies that provide jobs while addressing chronic disease risk reduction; and sustainable food systems including farm to school programs.

Areas of Interest in Aging

Chronic disease prevention/management through nutrition and physical activity

Aging Affiliations at UNCCH

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