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Penny Gordon-Larsen, PhD

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Brief Bio

Dr. Gordon-Larsen is an obesity epidemiologist interested in patterns and determinants of obesity, specifically diet, physical activity, and inactivity. She is a human biologist by training and her work integrates biological, behavioral, and environmental factors. Her National Institutes of Health-funded research focuses on individual susceptibility to environmental factors, with a focus on gene by environment interactions. She is also conducting research investigating the relationships between environmental factors (such as GIS-defined access to physical activity and diet facilities) and physical activity, diet, obesity, and cardiovascular and metabolic risk factors. She works with data on US adolescents from the National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent Health, a longitudinal study of over 20,000 US adolescents and with the Coronary Artery Risk Development in Young Adults Study, a 20-year study following 5,115 respondents over time. She is particularly interested in understanding factors underlying health disparities, with an emphasis on factors amenable to policies to improve health outcomes. Dr. Gordon-Larsen is a member of the American Society for Nutritional Sciences, The Obesity Society, and the Population Association of America. She is currently a Council Member of The Obesity Society and Chair of the Pediatric Obesity section of The Obesity Society. She is on the Editorial Boards of the journals Obesity, Annals of Behavioral Medicine, and Annals of Human Biology.

Areas of Interest in Aging

how physical and social environments affect the progression of changes in physical activity, diet, and obesity patterns across each segment of the life span

Aging Affiliations at UNCCH

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